Passiflora Sp.

still one of my favorite flowers.

Assorted. Plants

Alocasia "Mean Green", Alocasia maximilliana, 2 Birdsnest Ferns, a Zamia, a Bougainvillia, an Epiphyllum and more.

Assorted Plants

Caryota mitis (Fishtail Palm),
Alocasia longiloba, and two Aglaonemas

Assorted Plants

Anthurium clarinervium, the first rare plant I could get anyone to sell me, I have had it for 29 years; and Xanthosoma Lindenii Magnificum

Assorted Plants

Calathea roseo picta, Alocasia sanderiana, Alocasia Black Velvet, Alocasia Quilted Dreams

Assorted Plants

A Kentia Palm I've had for
28 years; an Aglaonema, two types of Ficus, and a Beaucarnia recurvata (Ponytail Plant)

Jill's Office Plants

These are the plants that keep me
company when I work on my computer.

Miltonia Orchid

A beautiful Miltonia in Bloom

Kewpie 'Too / Aroids pg. 1
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