Gracie looking handsome on his boing


Gracie surveying his options

Gracie is an umbrella cockatoo, (Cacatua alba is the "real" name for his species). Gracie is the most loving parrot that I can imagine. He is a wonderful companion although he is very protective of me and will very often try to bite anyone that is NOT me. Although I try to temper his behavior and work with him to make him more tolerant of other humans, it is not easy for him to change his behavior because he sees me as his mate. Parrots are monogamous, and do not look kindly on others messing with their women. (These are my words and yes, I am anthropomorphizing. In this case it helps me visualize his behavior and not take it personally).

Gracie is very agile, quick, and entertaining and he has a repertoire of tricks that he enjoys performing. He is an extremely intelligent guy, and very sensitive to my feelings. If he plays too rough and applies too much pressure with his beak, all I have to do is tell him that it hurts and could he please be gentle. He immediately backs off and puts his beak on me softly to show me that he understands.

I learn from Gracie everyday, in subtle ways he lets me know what he wants or doesn't want and if I don't hear him, he becomes less and less subtle!

Sharing my life with a parrot like Gracie is a big responsibility that I don't take lightly, but he brings me much joy everyday. Even when he does something "bad", I don't get mad at him, sometimes frustrated perhaps but not angry. If he acts badly then the fault lies with me for faulty communication or if he is destructive then maybe I took my eyes off of him for too long.

Having a wonderful bird like Gracie is not for everyone, it is a decision that lasts a lifetime, and I am very happy with my commitment.


Gracie getting ready to make some mischief


Gracie ready to touch down

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